How much do antibiotics for UTI cost ?

Cost of UTI antibiotics

Antibiotics for UTI treatment cost range from 5$ to 500$ . A urine culture can cost more than 100$.


What is Urinary Tract Infection UTI?


Urinary Tract infections are infections of the urinary tract.


The main symptoms of urinary tract infection are:
• A burning feeling when you urinate
• Frequent urination
Bacteria cause most urinary tract infection.


Health center generally cure urinary tract infection with antibiotics


Antibiotics suppress the growth of bacteria and kill it.


Older people generally test positive for urinary tract infection.


There is no need to do urine test for no clear symptom of urinary tract infection.


If the test in done without appearance of the symptoms it may bring another complication.



This complication is especially seen in older adults.


More complication results more cost of UTI antibiotics.


Following are some reasons of it:


Urine tests usually don’t help if you don’t have
UTI symptoms.


People of older age can have bacteria in their urine despite of the fact that they don’t have developed Urinary Tract Infection.


This fact is truly seen for nearly all of medical center residents.


Medical professional will suggest for  urine test if an older adult has clear symptoms of urinary tract infection,


UTI symptoms include  increased convolution , irritability, or dizziness.


The test has high chance of showing some bacteria.


For this purpose the antibiotics for urinary tract infection may be needed which costs from 50-500$.


Tests & treatments for urinary tract infections (UTIs) in older patients.


When you need them—and when you don’t ?


But if the bacteria is in the urine and not causing a real infection, the antibiotic won’t cure  the clear symptoms.


The reasons such as irritation, convolution fall may be symptoms of another disease so it need further testing.

Cost of antibiotics for UTi

Antibiotics can cause serious problems.


Antibiotics can have other  side effects developed especially  in older patients .H


Side effects of the antibiotics  can develop fever, rash, nausea.


And vomiting, diarrhea, ruptured tendons, nerve damage, kidney failure.


Excess use of  antibiotics often can cause vaginal yeast infections.


Also it causes severe diarrhea, a hospital stay, and even death in older patients.


Also, there is high chance of fatal case for old patients as the antibiotic can react with other medicine which they take.


Avoid antibiotics when you can Lower you cost of UTI antibiotics


Unnecessary antibiotics don’t offer any benefits.


Do not take antibiotics for bacteria in the urine frequent.


Antibiotics can kill “friendly” germs and help drug resistant bacteria to grow.


Resistant bacteria cause illnesses that are harder to cure and more costly to treat.


Treatment of drug resistant bacteria is not easy.


Medical professionals  have to issue other different antibiotics.


The use of untested medicine can also cause fatal effect .


So the cost of UTI medicine treatment can increase heavily.


When should you have a urine test to have low UTI antibiotics cost?


You should get a urine test if you have new or worsening urinary symptoms like red color , frequent urge.


You should also get a urine test if you have a fever or if a blood test suggests that you have an infection.


Before testing your urine note that you don’t have other complications or disease.


It includes fever, cough or any form of illness which causes the urine color to change from normal.


Early diagnosis of UTI cause low cost of UTI antibiotics.


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