What is Plasma Therapy?

What is Plasma Therapy?


Blood is composed of 45% Blood cells (WBC, RBC, Platelets) and 55% Plasma (water, clotting factors, CO2, hormones, proteins etc.).

Plasma is a straw yellow coloured component of blood. The antibodies present in plasma helps fight against disease by destroying the pathogen.

Plasma Therapy

Plasma therapy is an old treatment process and has been used for the treatment of many diseases. In this process, the plasma is taken from a healthy or recovered patient and used in another patient of the same disease. This helps to Improve the Immunity in the ill patient by the help of Antibodies which he gains through plasma donor.

Plasma Therapy in COVID-19 Patient.

Covid-19 is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome associated Corona Virus-2(SARS-COV-2). This viral disease is transmitted through droplets or by other means from an infected patient.

Plasma Therapy is an alternative but potential treatment for COVID-19 patient. The antibodies that helped a patient to recover from COVID-19 might be used in another patient. The small amount of 200ML plasma is sufficient.

Because it is spreading widely and has become pandemic, it is difficult to treat a large number of the patient. However, Convalescent Plasma Therapy is still ongoing on the test for a better result, several countries have achieved positive outcome with plasma therapy in exception few patients lost their lives too due to various reasons. America lately approved the use of this therapy.

Who can donate?

The person who has high immunity power and the patient who was tested positive earlier and has recovered can donate their plasma. The recovered patient should be tested negative twice and can donate plasma after 28 days of recovery. He/she is considered as a safe donor.

Age: 18-50 years.

Required Haemoglobin: 12.5 g<

Potential challenges

• Blood incompatibility

• Other infections.

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