Exact location of heart in the human body.

The location of heart in the human body is obliquely in mediastinum between two lungs in the thoracic cavity.

How many chambers are there in human heart? What are they?

There are four chambers in human heart.

They are:

  • Right atrium
  • Right Ventricle
  • Left Atrium
  • Left ventricle

What is the location of ventricles in heart of human body?

The location of ventricles in heart of human body is that they are located to the lower chambers of the heart.

What is heart?

exact location of heart in human body

The heart is a hallow, blunt and cone-shaped (conical) muscular pumping organ. Its size is approximately 12cm X 9cm. It is pinkish in color .it is weight about 250gm in female and 300 gm in male.

What is the structure of heart?

The structure of heart consists of following structures:-

  • Pericardium
  • Myocardium
  • Endocardium


Pericardium has two layers which covers the heart from outside. It is consist of fibrous and serous pericardium.

Fibrous pericardium:-

The formation of fibrous pericardium is by fibrous connective tissue.. It prevents the heart from over distension (overstretching).

Serous pericardium:-

It has two layers.

  • Parietal pericardium: – lining of fibrous pericardium.
  • Visceral pericardium: – lining of myocardium.

Between these two layers a narrow space is present called pericardial space filled with pericardial fluid. This fluid reduces the friction, protects the heart from shocks and injuries and allow the it’s free movement.


Myocardium is a specialized muscle present in the middle layer of heart. It is also known as cardiac muscle, which is only found in the heart. It is performs the work of the heart.


It is inner layer of heart. It is consist of squamous epithelium

Flow of blood through the heart

  • The right atrium receives deoxygenated blood from the body except the lungs. Through the two main vessels.

Superior venacava-It collects blood from head and upper part of body.

Inferior venacava It collects blood from lower part of the body.

  • The blood is pumped into the right ventricle due to the contraction of right atrium.
  • The contraction of right ventricle .the deoxygenated blood is passed to the lungs through pulmonary artery.
  • After oxygenation in lungs, the oxygenated blood is return to left atrium through pulmonary vein.
  • The blood is passed into the left ventricle due to contraction of left atrium.
  • The oxygenated blood is passed to the aorta and distributed to all parts of the body due to contraction of left ventricle.

What is the location of atrium in the heart?

The location of atrium in heart is in upper chamber. The right and left atrium together forms the upper thin walled chambers.

What is the blood supply to the heart?

  • Heart is supply with arterial blood by the right and left coronary arteries which branch from the aorta

  • Many small veins collect the deoxygenated blood and joins to form the coronary sinus. This opens into the right atrium

Nerve supply to the heart

The cardiovascular center in the medulla oblongata, the nerve supply to the heart is sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

It is branch of autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic stimulation is increase heart rate and parasympathetic stimulation is decrease heart rate.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the most common clinical disorders of layers of heart?

The most common clinical disorders of layers of heart are as follows:

  • Pericarditis Inflammation of pericardium
  • Pericardial effusionAccumulation of fluid in pericardial space
  • MyocarditisInflammation of Myocardium
  • EndocarditicInflammation of Endocardium.

Can location of  heart in human body differs from person to person?

No, location of human heart in human body does not differs from person to person except in some exceptional cases.

Which chamber of the heart is thickest? Why?

Left ventricle of the hear is the thickest one because it has to pump the blood throughout the whole body.


Why the ventricles have thicker wall than atriums?

Ventricles have to pump the blood outside the heart but atriums pump the blood within the heart that is why the ventricles have thicker wall than atriums.

Which atrium receives the oxygenated blood?

Left atrium receives the oxygenated blood.

Which ventricle pump the blood to the lungs?

Right ventricle pump the blood to the lungs.

Which atrium receives the deoxygenated blood?

Right atrium receives the deoxygenated blood from the whole body.



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